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Saunacore Mercuri Digital Control

Saunacore Mercuri Digital Control

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Introducing the Saunacore Mercuri Digital Control, your compact and energy-efficient electronic sauna controller solution.

Key Features:

Precise time and temperature read-out and control.
Automatically stores last used setup data for convenience.
Convenient, independent presets for up to three users.
Configurable for both 120VAC or 240VAC operation.
Two independent, clear and bright displays for time and temperature.
Easily configurable between Celsius or Fahrenheit readouts.
Series of self-diagnostics and alarms for extended safety.
Auto-detects temperature sensor failure, preventing sauna operation in over-temperature conditions.
Fits standard 3-gang electrical boxes.
Additional Aux output to control devices such as radios, lights, or fans (current rating below 10A 120VAC).

The Saunacore Mercuri Digital Control must be installed outside of the sauna room, into a 3-gang masonry electrical box. When using the magnetic contactor, it must also be installed into an appropriate metal electrical enclosure box outside the sauna.

Upgrade your sauna experience with the Saunacore Mercuri Digital Control – the perfect blend of convenience, efficiency, and safety for your sauna setup.

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