What Our Customers Say

    We purchased our first sauna kit here. Very happy with the experience and the sauna. Appreciated their willingness to answer our many questions. Happy we can enjoy some heat !! Thank you
    We at Tropical Sunrooms Inc. have been dealing with Glenn Morgan, owner of Cedarland Lumber (locally owned and operated) since he opened up shop. We love working with Glenn, he has all inventory and will make things work to have our orders ready when we need them. Thanks for all your hard work. Tropical Sunrooms Inc. Dave Sawatzky

    Glen was very helpful and knowledgeable. I asked for materials for a 200 square foot deck, he delivered excellent material, on time and on budget. We love cedar.
  • JO L
    I had a 6x7' Cedarland sauna kit recently delivered to Nova Scotia this summer (2021), and installed it in a shed with help from some family members. The quality of the cedar was excellent, and the final product was exactly as I had hoped for! Glenn was always available to answer my questions, even at a distance. Thanks for the excellent service, Glenn!

    Excellent service. Extremely prompt and responsive. I have purchased two sauna stoves.

Improving Quality of Life

Bathing in a sauna can prove to be an essential practice to relieve tension, and improve our overall state of mind.

If you’ve ever bathed in a sauna before, you already know how incredibly relaxing and re-invigorating it can be. It doesn’t end with simple relaxation, though – the health benefits of a sauna are wide-ranging, from deeper sleep, and flushing bodily toxins, to even a 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s incidents. Over 10,000 years of history in practice speaks for itself.

Through research, we have discovered amazing health benefits that saunas offer, such as:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Soothe Muscles
  • Flush Toxins
  • Cleanse Skin

Lifestyle Sauna

Cedarland Lumber founder Glenn Morgan explains the different styles of saunas and the benefits they offer to improve your lifestyle and comfort.


Western Red Cedar has been used in saunas throughout Canada and the United States for decades. Available in Clear Kiln Dried, means the wood is 95% free of knots, is the best choice for saunas. Knots will typically get very hot to the touch, and can crack and break loose which then allows for heat loss from the sauna. That said, clear kiln dried tongue and groove cedar is ideal to be installed in a sauna environment.