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At Cedarland Lumber & Sauna Co. Ltd, we are a small business that strives to provide our customers with excellent quality products and services. In a world that has become a fast paced society, our products are focused on bringing back that time for rest and relaxation, whether it be sitting outside on your deck with family and friends, relaxing under the shade of a pergola, or sitting in a hot sauna, these are the moments that focus on quality of life and wellness.

We also recognize the importance of eco-friendly products and the preservation of our environment, and although we sell mainly wood products, we truly understand that it is a renewable resource that is managed extremely well by the Forestry Industry. Thanks to the “tree-huggers” the Forestry Industry has become a science in itself, forest management has become a priority in preservation of natural habitats, and ultimately re-forestation and planting of new trees is of utmost importance to the industry itself.  Unlike plastics and composite products which are harmful to the earth’s atmosphere, wood is a renewable resource and we purchase through suppliers that are committed to keeping our forests growing for centuries to come.

Why Use Western Red Cedar In Saunas?

For more information on materials, sizes, product specifications, delivery and more feel free to contact us at (519) 880-9600 or toll free at 1 866-502-3327