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Saunacore Heater Element

Saunacore Heater Element

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Improve your sauna experience with Saunacore Heater Elements, offered in three sizes – 2000W, 2500W, and 3000W. Designed for commercial use, these heater elements come in two voltage options: 240V or 208V, offering flexibility for your sauna setup. Easily upgrade your sauna and enjoy the warmth and efficiency of Saunacore Heater Elements.

Upgrade your sauna effortlessly with Saunacore Heater Elements, available in three sizes – 2000 watts, 2500 watts, or 3000 watts. Suitable for Special Edition, Ultimate, and Steam Vaporizer models, these elements are designed for commercial use. Choose between 240V or 208V options to meet your sauna's requirements and experience enhanced warmth and efficiency.

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