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Relax-A-Mist JR-4 Steam Generator

Relax-A-Mist JR-4 Steam Generator

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Step into a world of relaxation with the Relax-A-Mist JR-4 Steam Generator, your gateway to the soothing benefits of warm, moist steam. The Relax-A-Mist JR-4 Steam Generator is designed to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of calm, melting away the fatigue and tension from your body.

Here's what makes the Relax-A-Mist JR-4 Steam Generator a must-have for those seeking a serene escape:

Dimensions: Compact and easy to accommodate at 16"L x 12.5"W x 9"H.
Steam Lines and Head: Requires 2 for optimal steam distribution.
Power: A robust 9000KW to fill your steam room with soothing warmth.
Electrical Requirements: Needs a 60 A fuse at 208 Volts or a 50 A fuse at 240 Volts, compatible with a 60 HZ frequency and single-phase electrical setups.
Capacity: Efficiently serves larger steam rooms, up to 375 cubic feet.
Aesthetic Choices: Choose from four elegant finishes to match your bathroom's style.
Maintenance Made Easy: Equipped with an electronic drain feature for simple upkeep.
Adaptable Installation: Suitable for a variety of wall and ceiling materials, ensuring a seamless fit into your space.
The Relax-A-Mist JR-4 Steam Generator promises not just a steam bath but a transformative experience, washing away stress and inviting tranquility into your life with every use.

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