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Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator

Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator

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Find your perfect relaxation escape with the Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator, turning your bathroom into a private spa sanctuary. Key features of the Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator include:

Compact Size: The Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator measures 16"L x 12.5"W x 9"H, seamlessly fitting into your home.
Steam Line and Head: Requires 2 steam lines and a head to create soothing steam.
Powerful Performance: With a 6000KW output, it effectively fills rooms up to 260 cubic feet with warm mist.
Electrical Specifications: Compatible with 208 Volts and 240 Volts systems, using a 40 A fuse. Designed for 60 HZ and single-phase setups.
Room Size Compatibility: Optimally serves steam rooms as large as 260 cubic feet.
Stylish Finishes: Comes in four elegant finishes, adding a touch of class to your space.
Ease of Maintenance: Features an electronic drain for hassle-free cleaning.
Versatile Installation: Works well with various wall and ceiling materials, from tile to natural stone.
Embrace the luxury of relaxation and rejuvenation with each use of the Relax-A-Mist JR-3 Steam Generator, designed to wash away tension and fatigue with its enveloping warm steam.

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